LISCA 2013 Series 1 “stay in Pool, stay in school”

JAQ Swimming is organizing and launching the first League of Inter School and Collegiate Aquatic (LISCA) in Indonesia on April 7, 2013 at Universitas Pelita Harapan Olympic Pool. It is the first aquatic league for student athlete in Indonesia. JAQ Swimming itself was established by former athletes and professionals in 2004.

JAQ Swimming has initiated an aquatic league for student athlete that encourages students and swimmers to stay in school to pursue academic and sport excellence to reach their professional goals later. JAQ Swimming founders believe that solid education is an essential foundation for the swimmers future. Physical performance has limitation but intellectual and skills are sustainable for lifetime. Prior to LISCA, JAQ Swimming also has regular JAQ School League Invitational among primary year schools to grow the spirit of student athlete. The invitational conducted every quarter throughout the year

In the press conference that held during LISCA series 1, 2013 season, attended by Wisnu Wardhana, Bsc., Executive Head Coach & Chairman of JAQ Swimming; Stephen Metcalfe, Director of Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) Sport Department; and Olave Piere Davy, Club Management Manager HeLP Division Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB).

“In 2012, JAQ Swimming shared their mission and vision with us, we found out that we had the same missions to grow and make Indonesians aware of the importance of staying in school and developing talents. Since we reached mutual agreement to introduce swimming league among universities, we decided to began the aquatic league for student athlete in 2013,” said Stephen.

In the 1st series of LISCA 2013 season, which held on 6-7 April, 12 universities and 8 senior high schools have participated. The student athletes will represent their school and every participant who took part has passed the selection of minimum academic grade in their school.

Learned from the success of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) a student league to campaign Student Athlete in the US, “we would like to encourage Indonesian student athletes to pursue their dream to be a professional athlete while having a brilliant academic in school as well. So when their career in sport is over, they can be successful in the professional job that they choose, “said Wisnu.

This year, LISCA focuses on Swim Meet & Water Polo exhibition. Next year LISCA plans to include Water Polo and Fin Swimming. The reward will be in form of training, scholarship and internship with its partners and supporters.

JAQ Swimming invites various parties to support this program through education funds for student athletes, currently JAQ Swimming has a Student Athlete Force (SAF) with funds obtained from the partners. “This event is held with the support from various parties who concerned with the future of Indonesian athletes. We want to encourage private sectors that have Corporate Social Responsibility in sport program to take a part in this event,” said Wisnu.

Later on, Wisnu wishes LISCA can be a sport and educational institution that the alumni could directly contribute to support their juniors. “Our plan for the future, we will make LISCA athlete alumni, so when they have reached professional goal and are successful in their career, they will help us to promote the importance of staying in school and developing talents for student athlete’s future,” added Wisnu.

Syanda Kunto, BA
Chief Coordination Officer
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