AIS finished Strong, JIS runner up in LISCA Junior 2nd series

Australian International School’s head coach, Randy Hyre must’ve been a proud coach when his Piranhas team took a thin 29 points lead over JIS Aquadragons (1227 vs 1993 points) to win the LISCA Jr 2nd series, Saturday May 11th 2013 in UPH Aquatic Center. “This is a good series of meet to have in Indonesia”, Randy said. This is the closest rivalry between Piranhas and Aquadragons swim team dominating 1st and 2nd places in 11 and over age groups. To make it more interesting, CIKAL swimming and Mentari Gators are also the team to watch for the next series. CIKAL dominated the younger age groups as they sent 2 young swimmers to become best swimmers in boys 6&under (Danadipa Anantadira) and Girls 7&8 (Jade Halderman). Mentari Gators were strong on the 11-12 and 13-14 years old girls, motored by Dania Clarissa and Deandra Djunaedi.

Junior 3rd Series will be held in October 2013 with the close rivalry amongst the top 5 teams: AIS, JIS, MENTARI, CIKAL and Mahatma School respectively. Among the star swimmers from the 2nd series is Daniel Moreno Siahaan (Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa), bagged all 4 golds in his age group. A native Jakarta swimmer is only 8 years old, but he surely a swimmer to watch in the near future.

“We are glad that there is a sustainable and competitive varsity swimming league for these young student athletes now” added Wisnu Wardhana, chairman of LISCA, “Surely we will keep improving at all ends to ensure that this league will create a better, stronger and smarter future for our youngster”

Best Swimmers:

  1. Boys 6&Under: Danadipa Anantadira – CIKAL
  2. Girls 6&Under: Sofia Bohm – Australian International School
  3. Boys 7&8: Daniel Moreno Siahaan – Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa
  4. Girls 7&8: Jade Halderman – CIKAL
  5. Boys 9-10: Jamie Jenviphakul – Jakarta International School
  6. Girls 9-10: Allison Farial – Jakarta International School
  7. Boys 11-12: Parker Hughes – Jakarta International School
  8. Girls 11-12: Angela Black – Australian International School
  9. Boys 13-14: Andreas Budiharto – Santa Ursula Tangerang
  10. Girls 13-14: Dania Fathroen – Mentari International School Jakarta

Best Boys Team:

  1. Jakarta International School
  2. Australian International School
  3. CIKAL

Best Girls Team:

  1. Australian International School
  2. Mentari International School Jakarta
  3. Jakarta International School

Overall Best Team:

  1. Australian International School
  2. Jakarta International School
  3. Mentari International School Jakarta
  4. CIKAL
  5. Mahatma Gading


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