AIS Piranhas Takes the 2013 Title, JIS Aquadragons finished strong on 2013 finale

Superb year indeed!

As LISCA closed its 3rd successive years, competition seems will getting closer next year. Back to back title  holder, AIS Piranha’s Randy Hyre stated that 2014 season will definitely be interesting to watch. AIS Piranhas take its 2nd consecutive titles after a close match with rival JIS Aquadragons. LISCA 2013 Finale also featured some recently joined fast swimmers from Pelita School and Deutsche International School respectively.

Finale (3rd) Series winner was JIS Aquadragons which finished top on overall points with Piranhas in 2nd and Mentari International School Gators also coming back strong in 3rd. Aquadragon took best boys team of the series and Gators won the best girls team.

“This is an exciting year indeed, we are glad that the league is formed with strong enthusiasm of the swimmers and the schools. Although, there is room for improvement, we are already working on it. Regardless, we are ready for better,stronger,smarter2014 season.” added Wisnu Wardhana, Chairman of LISCA.

Results will be available soon as we are compiling the whole series database to be available online.

Till we meet in 2014 season!

Stay in School, Stay in Pool


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