LISCA 2014-2015 Season Started!

Day I – Water Polo
With its newly improved and enhanced season, LISCA 2014-2015 season is now also featured with U-16 water polo tournament.
After few rescheduling due to facility and exam season, LISCA Junior season 14/15 swam off with its newly featured water polo tournament.
Global Jaya Hawks, UPH College Eagles, JIMS and CIKAL participated in their 1st ever water polo squad to face off each other. Global Jaya Hawks won the tournament after a close hard fought final match against the strong contender UPHC Eagles. Hawks took the 1st title of LISCA Water Polo Champion after 5-4 victory over Eagles. JIMS secured 3rd after their victory over CIKAL.

The water polo tournament also attended by UPH College and UPH sports Director, Mr Stephen Metcalfe and Indonesia Aquatic Federation Water Polo Head, Mr. Andreas Legawa. “This tournament should go along with the student athlete program as we always wanted” adds Mr Metcalfe after presenting the Championship trophy to team Hawks. Mr Legawa, as one of Indonesian water polo legend also adds,”This is a very good start for our water polo development in Indonesia, LISCA has helped us to promote and creating an image that water polo is a fun team sport and can be also done at schools”

“It was a success first event for us, I am confident that LISCA and JAQ water polo will grow this tournament and sport all over the country. We have a solid team and backed by the professionals of sports management team in JAQ and LISCA” adds Dean Baldwin, JAQ Water Polo Head Coach and LISCA Water polo division head who also former Indonesian Water Polo Player

LISCA Water Polo Highlights:
2014-2015 series I

champion: Global Jaya Hawks
Top Scorer: Dimas Tristan Till – (JIMS)
Best Goalie: Andrew Christanto (UPHC)
Best Boys Player: Benedictus Taras Danushka Tumbelaka (CIKAL)
Best Girls Player: Caitlin Halderman (CIKAL)


Day II – Swimming
LISCA day II featured on Swimming as previous years been completed. As part of its commitment, LISCA featured its new system on touchpad and scoring board to make the league more prestigious for the student athlete participants. Hosted by JAQ Swimming, LISCA has been running for its 4th consecutive years, improving every year with its regulation and systems, LISCA now became the largest league school that cover primary, secondary and collegiate school levels. Season 2104/15 of LISCA Junior Swimming attended by nearly 400 swimmers from more than 89 schools from Jakarta and its greater area including Bandung and Sukabumi West Java. LISCA also introducing new records performances of each event and age groups. It can be downloaded at LISCA Results Page. LISCA Junior 2014/15 season has been greatly supported by ADIDAS as LISCA official sports wear, ARENA as official Swim wear, CAS Group as official award presenter and UPH Sports as venue partner.

Top Team Girls:
1. Jakarta Aquadragons
2. Lycée International Français

Top Team Boys:
1. Jakarta Aquadragons
2. Al Fath
3. AIS Piranhas

Overall Team series I
1. Jakarta Aquadragons
2. AIS Piranhas
3. Mahatma Gading School

Best Swimmers: can be downloaded at result page

Stay in pool, Stay in school


LISCA Water Polo Photos

LISCA Jr. Swimming Photos

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