LISCA Junior Series


  • Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017
  • Time: Warm ups starts at 6.45 am. Race start at 7.45 am
  • Facilities: 25M Long pool and 8 lanes wide, Electronic Timing System and touchpad
  • Pool Venue: ACS Jakarta Campus - Jl. Bantar Jati, Kelurahan Setu, Jakarta Timur - Indonesia
  • Language: Standard English announcement and use "Take your mark" as starting command
  • Eligibility: Open to all SCHOOLS with the minimum age of 5 and maximum age of 14 years old as of regulation. Each School MUST have a minimum of 4 Swimmer (may combine boys/girls in total) to be eligible for participating in LISCA. A Single (1) swimmer from (1) each school may still participate but count only as SPARRING only, which may not eligible for medals/ award.
  • Entry Forms: Entry forms should be submitted no later than March 18 2017 via email, along with complete team information, proof of payment and relay entry form. No late entries on the deck will be accepted.
  • Enquiries and registration:
  • Age Grouping: 5 & 6, 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14
  • Entry Fee: Rp.250.000 per swimmer from each invited team. Please make the payment prior the meet to:
    PT. Tirta Infinity Talenta - Bank BCA #7140 337727
    Plase put note: #liscajr-schoolname
  • Meet rules: Modified and designed by JAQ regulated based on FINA. Age 5 & 6 will be NO DQ - Except for DNS and FALSE Start
  • Participants: Registered under SCHOOLS NAME ONLY with total max the first 350 registered swimmers. Please sign up early to reserve your team spots.
  • Concession: Food & beverages booths open for all
  • Awards: Heat winner ribbons, Winner Medals, Best swimmer Trophies, Best Team Trophies, and Piala Bergilir for the team of the year.




After four years of establishing a School League with its invited schools, we are now trying to leverage and further develop the league by inviting more schools from wider networks and in the regions.

Previously JSL (JAQ Swim League) has been transformed to LISCA Junior (League of Inter School & Collegiate Aquatic) starting in 2013. We are nurturing the spirit and culture of Student Athlete through this swim league.


We are using FINA regulations with few standard modifications.
To maintain a healthy and fair competitiveness at school level swimmers, LISCA enforcing below pre-requisite requirements for swimmers to be eligible:

Season Regulations

LISCA (League of Inter School & Collegiate Aquatic) has grown and been expanding over the past 4 years. We thank you for the supports and participation throughout the years. From previous based on calendar year. This change is to align LISCA schedules and age grouping based on school academic year. To improve the quality and level of fairness of LISCA, we are also trying to make some adjustments on the rules and regulations. We want to ensure that this league will become the barometer of aquatic league for all.

To balance and keep the best quality and objectives of LISCA Junior, we have updated and adjusted the regulations,

  1. ALL Swimmers MUST Registered UNDER SCHOOL NAME ONLY, NOT CLUB. If any swimmer(s) or school(s) found doing any administrative Misconduct (false age registration, using non-student/swimmer of own school and any other misconduct behavior), they (swimmer and/or the school) will be automatically disqualified by default from the meet. LISCA is supporting fair play and against any sporting misconduct at any time.
  2. Usage of any types of drugs is prohibited at all time. Swimmer who found using enhancement substance by any formal and official sporting Body/institution for the past 12 months will be prohibited to enter/participate in LISCA meet for at least 2 seasons.
  3. Each School MUST have a minimum of 4 Swimmers (may combine boys/girls in total) to be eligible for participating in LISCA. A Single (1) swimmer from (1) each school May still participate but count only as SPARRING only, which may not be eligible for medals/award. LISCA Committee has the rights to ask proof of Student ID from each Swimmer at anytime during the meet.
  4. Swimmers that are listed on: PELATNAS, PELATDA and/or PPLP of Each respective province is not eligible to participate in LISCA Jr. – Violation will result in automatic disqualification for all events. LISCA is a Developmental stages meet for varsity and school swim team; we are keen To maintain its level of competitiveness based on our student athlete spirits. Should any of these categories would like to participate in LISCA, they may submit their entries as UNATTACHED or SPARRING with a special cost of Rp 350,000 per swimmer. He/she Will not qualified for any medals/participation certificate and awards.
  5. Any dispute and/or protest should be addressed formally to meet director with the fee of Rp 500,000 and within 30 minutes of the event.
  6. In the event of inclement weather, the standard operating procedures of the host venue/school will aplly. The security will inform the tournament organizer whether it is safe to continue based on the lightning indicator system. A waiting period of 20 minutes will be observed. After that, the security will decide whether it is safe. If it is not, another 20 minutes of waiting period is applied. If this lasts for more than 60 minutes, the meet will be stopped.
  7. Medals Collection: ONLY TEAM MANAGER or COACH can allow picking the medals at the medal counter. Other than the authorized personnel will not be entertained. There will be Medal Picking ID to be provided for pick up the medals.

AGE Grouping:
2016/2017 SEASON (adjusted to School Academic Year in 1st September 2016 Cut for each season)




LISCA Season 2016/2017 Series II Supported by

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