Water Polo

Initiated by LISCA, the water polo tournament finally started in 2014/2015 season. Water Polo has always been an entertaining and physical demanding sport. It is one of the most popular aquatic sport in Europe, US and Australia. With this initiatives LISCA water polo tournament has considered a successful inaugural event with more than 70 players from 4 schools competing in the tournament.

"By launching its water polo discipline, LISCA is now the leading Inter School & Collegiate Aquatic League in the country. We may also inviting schools and college from regional countries if it is possible” adds Wisnu Wardhana, LISCA Executive Chairman.

Indeed, LISCA is nurturing talents and skills from the bottom of the pyramid, by inviting students from schools and colleges that has never been exposed to competitive swimming and water polo sports. One of the reasons why LISCA still restrict top National Athlete to participate in the events due to the development levels of these students are only 1-2x/week school swimmers/players compared to those who train double daily.

Stay in School, Stay in Pool
LISCA Water Polo